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Further Reflection
"This track is the result of a 2 hour recording session with percussionist Richard Burrows. Richard is perhaps best known for his work with the percussion quartet TorQ, however he also performs regularly with me in the quintet, Digital Prowess. The recording session produced 9 different improvisations, and 'Further Reflection' features our two favourite improvisations of the session combined together. The first part of this track was the very first thing recorded for potential use on the album."
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Something I Cant Know
"This track is the result of a 3 hour recording session that took place early on a Sunday morning. It features Joe Ryan on drums and Jason White on piano. Both Joe and Jason were feeling very sick throughout this recording session, so I'm amazed it turned out as well as it did! This recording features the second improvisation of the day that was recorded. Although that was our favourite track, there were 10 other great tracks recorded that day and we hope to release some of those down the road."

Open Strain

"Open Strain was composed in 2007 for bass clarinet and electronics. It was to be my final project for the electroacoustic composition course I was auditing at the time at Wilfrid Laurier University taught by Richard Windeyer. Recorded sounds of instrumental effects such as slap tonguing and multiphonics (the production of more than one note at a time) on the bass clarinet are the foundation for the electronic component of this piece. Every sound heard originated from one of three separate sound samples that I recorded from my bass clarinet. I then processed and manipulated these sounds electronically and layered them on top of one another and later composed a live performance part to go with it. The title Open Strain literally means 'free sound'. This piece features several layers of sounds (live and electronic) that constantly evolve throughout while the underlying pulse quickens and the tension grows."

The Down Low
"This track was recorded the same day as 'Further Reflection' and it features double bassist, Tomas Bouda. Tom and I have performed as a duo many times within the ensemble, Digital Prowess. It's a combination that we both really enjoy to perform in, and audiences have really responded positively to it as well. 'The Down Low' features portions of two different improvisations that we recorded and it begins with the first track that Tom and I recorded that day."
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Evil Kirk
"This track was not in my original vision for this CD! The idea for this track came about after watching old episodes of Star Trek and commenting on how much the bass clarinet is heard in those episodes – particularly right before someone dies. One episode in particular which had a lot of bass clarinet in the background was 'The Enemy Within' – the episode in which an evil version of Kirk is loose on the Enterprise. Watching that episode gave me the idea to record a very short improvisation as an homage to this. The idea was enhanced when my brother came aboard and compiled some of the best Kirk quotes to be used along with the music (though sadly, 'KHAN!' is not one of them). The music is improvised and we did not rehearse or plan anything ahead of time as we wanted it to be very spontaneous. Vocals are performed by Michael Ladano."