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September 9, 2010


Kathryn Ladano – “Masked” Kathryn’s second solo CD (2019)

The music featured on “Masked” was created spontaneously in the moment for this recording. Each piece was improvised without a plan and is meant to represent a live performance experience of Kathryn’s music. None of these tracks have been edited in any way in order to create as authentic a recording as possible.

Track Listing:
Flow, Outcry, Wings, Contentious, Exhale, Awaken, Groove, Blind, Masked (bonus track), Expanse (bonus track)

Physical CDs, vinyl copies, and downloads are available for purchase via Bandcamp here

Stealth – “…listen”
“…listen” (2015) is the debut album from Kathryn’s duo, “Stealth”. The band features Kathryn on bass clarinet and Richard Burrows on percussion.

…listen is intended as a moment in time for contemplation. The listener chooses the length based on various points within the experience. The album is intended to be heard as one track but can be divided based on your desired length of listening experience.

Track Listing:
Point a, point b, point c, point d, point e, point f, point g, point h, point i

CDs and downloads are available for purchase via Bandcamp here

Kathryn Ladano – “Open”
Kathryn’s debut CD (2010), featuring guest artists Richard Burrows, Nick Bastian, Tim Turvey, Jason White, Joe Ryan, Tomas Bouda, and Michael Ladano.

Track Listing:
Further Reflection (Improvisation) – Kathryn Ladano & Richard Burrows, Something I Can’t Know (Improvisation) – Kathryn Ladano, Jason White & Joe Ryan, The Down Low (Improvisation) – Kathryn Ladano & Tomas Bouda, Open Strain – Kathryn Ladano, Artoxinovix – Dan Di Maggio, Art Show (Improvisation) – Kathryn Ladano, Tim Turvey & Nick Bastian, Ladano – Veronica Tapia, The Taste of Time Still Lingers – Kathryn Ladano, (Infanzia e Scoperta, Ansia Sociale, Abbandonata, Rapporti, Sognare), Evil Kirk – Kathryn Ladano

CDs and downloads are available via Bandcamp here

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